SUNSHINE '69 is a Web-based time machine. Every day beginning on the 21 June solstice, as nights get longer and the age barrels toward an end, the '69 Calendar will let you pick and probe a different date from the Summer of Hate, the Year of the Cock. It all starts where it all ended: mass murders, rock festivals, moon landings, military actions.

In 1948, George Orwell wrote 1984 to try to foresee how his future would become our present. SUNSHINE '69 is 99's chance to make sense of what happened halfway. With SUNSHINE '69, history takes a wicked twist on the 'Net: daily updates, graphics, audio, animation, and the chance to change the past . . . sign the guestbook and leave your footprints in the '69 log. It's an a/v and text adventure!

Navigate Sixties-space on the '69 Monstamap. Search through the '69 Suitcase. Tune-in to some RealAudio on the '69 8-track. You're safe to drive to 'Nam and back in the SUNSHINE '69 Rambler. Just fasten your seat belt and make sure to lock the door. You never know when some Tac Squad goon or tripping, hippie freak will try to hijack your bucket to Haight Ashbury or the Oakland Induction Center for more mayhem than you've got gas for.

You can keep coming back for more all summer long, because SUNSHINE '69 gets bigger and weirder as time runs out. Plus there promises to be a good dose of conspiracy, a host of hallucinations, a little bit of sex, and one helluva bang before the sun burns out at the catastrophic climax.

pssst. . .sign the guestbook!