August 5 Ali

BZT IS NOT SUCH A FAR CRY FROM LSD. All the hype around the latter makes it sound like there's one such thing as a mind-freer, another called a bummer. Now that's a hummer! "Bad trips" are just as eye-opening, only they require (and, when unexpected, tend to engender) a chrome constitution. Feeling groovy--or even mediocre, an ambivalent trip--only closes eye to ubiquitous danger, begets the false sense of having won the battle.
Psychotic and psychotropic are not qualities, but measures part and parcel the same scale--it's just whether you choose to apprehend the infinite at the expense of sensing the panther about to pounce, or allow in a little buzz and schiz like electrical impulses, as a means to remain alert, keep strategic, and win wars.

This starry-eyed idea for a
rock festival: quite the proscenium for an oracle . . . and I have just the catalyst. I'll come down off the crookedest street and disguise myself as a radical to gain acceptance to their idle rites and unbridled rituals. So, too, must the truth be swallowed in the shape of a shrill pill. Some--the bleeding-heart among you, even patriots who don't understand at what cost we've had to win freedom--may say it's unethical to be pushing young people a surly imposter, no matter what the motive. But they don't know the abandon by which these youngsters have blindly devoured the idea of this sinister substance acid. And I don't even expect to have to call it acid before the foolhardy, voracious hamsters go gobbling it up.

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