For a rock n

HORN SECTIONS, GUITAR HISTRIONICS, large choruses of black chicks left and right.

Things changed by side B of Hot Rocks . No denying. I'm not pretending to be naive, I know I love all this shit! We weren't ever planning on going out and fighting in the streets ourselves. On occasion too much smoke or drink can get me more than blue: instead of a color it's like a viscosity. There's something to reap in all the mess of even a bad winter crop. And peddle, sell. Here's a better feeling that came over me now that I ate. Before I was chilled, deeply. Sucking at the air for enough of a breath. Nauseous with the heavy wisdom of the spheres.

Little Mick looks around like a frightened animal. Bill will throw in as professional a twist as ever. I'll show Charlie with my mouth how to make the movement in "You Gotta Move" more menacing, dirge-like.

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