July 28 Sunshine

"THE FUNNY THING IS I really don't feel anything in this leg. I've lost all sensation."

"I think I'm having a hallucination."

"Sunshine, there's nothing you can see or feel that's not there. You know, on LSD you see things straight people block. That's the brain's function, in most cases: to serve as a sieve that sifts out what's not required for feeding, mating, and fleeing from predators."


"Today, people have most of their primitive needs taken care of for them by advances made throughout the 1960s. So it's not necessary to block the fantastic and hyperreal. Non-ordinary reality is where it's at, and you're in it."

"So you're saying that leopard head shrooming out of your leg is real?"

"Whoa. Shit. If it is I don't feel it."

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