July 8 Tim

IT'S A DANG FINE TUNE from a durn good campaign slogan--"COME TOGETHER, join the party!" Now that I'm a candidate I have to watch the lingo, homo (and I do mean sapien . . . far be it from me to underrate MY constituency). "Guv'ner Leary" has a pretty ring--what say you?

After the announcement (timed perfectly to offset the news of my second bust--a couple of roaches in the back of a station wagon) I jetted into bed in Montreal with Yoko and John, and that scraggy little medium for the muse slapped together one heckuvan anthem: feet down to his knees--now that is friggin' HEAVY!

IMAGINE what a mad state this will be when we pack up Laguna Beach and move to Sacramento with Rosemary and the kids first freaky family! Some of the Brotherhood as cabinet, a rock star or ten on staff. Already it's more mottos that come over this rover: California, a State of Mind . . . The Last Frontier and Furthur Still . . . and for tourism: Turn Out, Tune On, Drop In!

Hell ( nix that . . . I mean "heck") I'd be happy just being the State Motto Maker, if there were such a position . . . but to get that job you have to shoot your wad and get governor.

Ronnie doesn't stand a chance. The tide has turned my way, and seismic disturbances all allude to the probability this forlorn, shlong-long state will separate--not just secede--into the sea. Aloha! Hawaii! Here comes the Golden State. Sunshine and ingots, and alchemized state of mind!

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