Lover, not a fighter

I BOUGHT THESE SUPERFLY THREADS to celebrate my not winning the lottery, and I think you know which one I mean. My boys at the park, generally young enough not to have to worry, kidded me about looking on the bright side: how pretty I look in green. I told them I look a whole lot better alive and they do too so shut up if they don't want to get twice as ugly.

I was bound to go AWOL or get the hell out of the country before that ever had to happen as I don't see nothing much to defend in welfare and lynchings. Maybe I'd take up a weapon in a war between Oakland and Berkeley Hills, but that would be self defense the way the money's going suck right out of our neighborhoods and it's not just going down the drain. There's a defense buildup going on among the rich and white ever since Watts and all the more after Chicago and Woodstock. They're like damn all those blacks and hippies like each other and it might even be they know what they're doing under all that marijuana smoke.

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