November 13Mick

I WORK HARD, no denyin'. Thedifference from a banker is I can drink on the job and not wear asuit--requisites as a matter of fact. 'Times I think I might prefer alittle order in the areas of hygiene and spartanism. For the masochistvalue, if nothing else. Keith could use a bath more often. His feetmake a hell of a stink when he sheds those snakeskin boots, like twoactual snakes swallowed 'em and then regurgitated, half digested, twofilthy-smelling stumps the pallor of a dead man's hands.

No denying he's a sex god, though. In spite of the odor and maybebecause of the squalor, the semblance of his hair as if his head has justbeen chewed up and spit from the beak of a great kraken, the aspect hisskin takes from shirking the sun, the gruesome grin with its signaturesharktooth. These all make him the steamiest sonofabitch 'Bama's everseen, not to mention London, L. A.,Chicago, a hundred other cities the bad boy's left ravaged in thewake of sonic penance.

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