Unh hun

YOU KNOW I LOVE THE LADIES. Love to have my fun. When Carol left Livermore I knew I had it in me to bounce back like nothing.

Carol was my first white girl, and there arose cultural complications I must admit I never did foresee: I saw her everywhere. On TV. In magazines. In department store mannequins. Now I'm not saying all you whites look alike, but Carol was a classic blonde beauty. And part of the reason it was such a conquest to love her was that she's what was held up on practically every corner and in every home as the reason we men buy aftershave, look after our cars, and basically stay working at shit jobs just to rake in a some minimal scratch. I'd had six breakups before her, each indelible beauties, but this see your face everywhere thing cats like Roy Orbison croon about never was a problem 'til Carol. That's because the rest were black, so not on all the billboards, and I didn't have to think about them all the time.

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