Ashby Ave

WHERE I LIVE, the cats go on playing their part like always. There's nowhere we're really going, except into hard jobs for long times and out the other end into old age. But we get our kicks while we can. Loving the ladies. Shooting hoops. Shooting the shit.

Chain link is a way of life. As is asphalt. Twining fingers around chain link to hop a fence unleashes an energy and a terrible taste that makes me feel like a kid again. I'm not a kid any more. The kids in my neighborhood call me Murdock. Just like everybody else except my mother. But in the kids' mouths it sounds like awe and a taste of what they want to be. A Murdock. I'm not a kid any more and it's time to live up to that, to what's possible, what makes a child grow inside to match his height on the outside.

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