November 19 Lucifer

I COULD KNOCK THOSE HAPPY-GO-LUCKY JERKS OFF the face of the earth for good. Who gave them free reign to explore extraterrestrial terrain? It was enough for them to walk on it once, plant the (gag!) flag, and be on their way. But they had to turn it into a weekend stay. Now it's a vacation home. If I weren't so busy with the hippies I'd teach those boys a lesson: You can touch, but you better not look.

Everyone has their inverted character. It's easy: one half of you is ascendant, there's a double out there somewhere involved in deceit. Don't strive too spryly to virtue . . . you'll just cause your other half to sink even lower into sickness, sin.

Been around too long, these days of vigilance and humanism. It's a sort of cannibalism, morality. Not really helping your sister and brother, it's more like taking away the devil's plate. 69. A pair broken glasses, head having been bashed in by an Angel. 69. The relationship of devil and devotee; you feeding and eaten, I eating and fed. 69. For the Chinese, The Year of the Cock. 69. Good riddance.

They better be careful about trying it again. It's easy enough to send someone spinning past the atmosphere. Next time I'll knock those happy-go-lucky jerks off the face of the earth for good. Where's my Satan's little helper?

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