September 8 Lucifer

EACH AND EVERY HUMAN DEATH is a course in my never-ending feast. The demise is the meal, the conditions (common cold or Cold War) just decor.

Communism as evil? Absolutely! Especially insofar as we anticipate it'll actually get anywhere (except escalated mayhem) to try eradicating the outrageous attitudes of misanthropy and indifference to difference perpetrated on a people (purportedly democratic and devoted to free lives vs. demagogic and indentured to free enterprise) by an invidious and inhumane consumption-centric technocracy. At least that's how my analyst sees it. If religion is the opiate of the people, irreligion is the crystal meth. All cranked up and no peace to go is a good motto for the militant Marxist.

We're all just part of the cycle . . . so love, fuck, and FIGHT THE MAN--cuz the next generation'll recycle. At least start a riot at a show. It's all about eating. And a little slap and tickle.

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