November 8 Mick

OH, BABIES . . . the Strolling Bones are BACK! Go tell it at the Whiskey! Stick it to the whores on Rodeo! Call it all over LA!

Tonight's two shows at the Forum made no less than 2-7-5. That's hundred thousands, baby, and it won't be all Allen Klein's this time. Sam says it's the biggest gross ever by any band in a day. And whoever said success spoils natural talent hasn't heard the dirty ditty 'bout black pussy kicking around in my head . . . yet! But bet your sweet ass it'll be ALL the hell over the place as soon as Keith and I lay it down and as fast as Ahmet can press 'em. It's a shame how the radio will make me say a roundabout way how sisters' lips taste so good. But there's no stopping this not-so-poor boy on stage. Mm! remind me to go down on one of those soul dolls in the silver shoes at tomorrow's Oakland show.

When we touched down a couple of days ago I let the word out about some kind of free festival to thank the American fans. Said that so many times over since it sounds like a meaningless mantra.

Of course, the movie we make should make it worthwhile if the Maysles get it out before Woodstock. Earn like a corp, coerce like a corp.

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