October 23 Sunshine

ALI ASKS ME HOW I CAME TO BE the child of the Sun.

Sometimes I don't believe I deserve all this: the job with the Brotherhood, the assignment to Mexico, the desert and the night. . . . "Look, Ali, I'm not really Sunshine. I was unhappy with who I was, so I just left another life behind and let myself get reborn with new hair, a new attitude, a new name. . . ."

"You invoked it. Don't call what you do a deception. It has been an invocation, a means of calling that which required you to understand it. As a matter of fact, you were called: it was the result of some force wishing your intervention that you fabricated all the elements of this, your new personality."

"I am grateful, Ali. I don't think I can go back to Laguna Beach and the Brotherhood. I want to be with the people fighting war in all its forms. Back where I belong, in East Bay, but with a little more meaning to my name."

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