Orange Sunshine

BILLY HITCHCOCK (until the summer of 1969) and Ronald Stark (after thesummer of 1969) were successive patron/investors who acquired ingredientsand sponsored production for two different generations of LSD-25distributed by the Brotherhood of Eternal Love as Orange Sunshine. Hitchcock Orange Sunshineamounted to about ten million hits produced in Windsor, California by NickSand and Tim Scully until June, 1969. It was endorsed by Timothy Leary"above all other brands" and attributed with "cosmic influences" ( Lee and Shlain, 243). After Hitchcock's moneylaundering was uncovered and his Orange Sunshinedried up, an unknown who went by the name Ronald Starkappeared on the scene. Some of Stark's Orange Sunshinemay not have been LSD atall.

Legend has it there was a girl named Sunshine, a flower child, who inspiredchemists, financiers, and high priests alike.

pockets contain: keys to theVanagon, keys to the store, eponymous LSD, magic markers, granny glasses, manifest destiny, moondust, ticket to ride, passport, world map, Aztec legends, ticket back, stardust, hat band, jikuli, cutting stone, peace sign, an evil twin, pocket watch

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