September 23 Keith

HILLS AND MOUNTAINS, especially when overgrown with trees and thick underbrush, are the preferred land formations for guerrilla commands in the Third World. Ease of covert camping and movement over vast, concealed areas allow a guerilla force to survive and grow.

Superior conditions of First World defense make it necessary to modify strategies of guerilla resistance from its implementation in the Sierra Maestra or at the 17th Parallel. Aerial attacks of massive destruction could make quick work of guerilla fractions in the Appalachians or the Rockies. Inhabitants of these regions in the first world are as likely to be aristocracy as proletariat, and apathetic or fearful and hostile toward occupation of a revolutionary force. As such, cadre are entreated to concentrate guerilla interventions in regions of topographic variation specific to rural environments, and to proceed swiftly and stealthily so that towns might be annexed while the occupants are present, forcefully but non-hostilely announcing a state of Revolutionary Law and explaining to them their state as detainees, maintaining foremost respect toward the preservation of their dignity and calm in the abrupt usurpation of their domestic environment, while firmly asserting the immutability of their detainment while the region remains in the first stage of liberation under the terms of the People's Army.

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