"1969: Leary critics eventually point to hisclose connections during this time to international LSD-smuggling cartel,the Brotherhood of Eternal Love,rumored to be a CIA front. The Brotherhood is controlled by RonaldStark, who the Italian High Court later concludes has been CIA since1960, and Brotherhood's funds are channelled through Castle Bank in theBahamas, a known CIA 'proprietary.' For two years Leary lives atBrotherhood headquarters in Laguna Beach, during which time Brotherhoodcorners the US market on LSD and distributes only one variety of thedrug, " OrangeSunshine." Stark reportedly knows a high-placed Tibetal closeto the Dalai Lama and wants to provide enough LSD to dose all Chinesetroops in Tibet. In the US, meanwhile, Stark provides enough OrangeSunshine to dose the hippie culture many times over. This isthe 'bad acid' that Charles Manson'sfollowers took before murdering Sharon Tate and that the Hell'sAngels took before stabbing to death a black man during a Rolling Stones concert at Altamont. Becauseof this, William S. Burroughs, White Panther leader John Sinclair, andKen Kesey eventually entertain the theory that Stark, Leary, and Orange Sunshine are all part of a CIA plot to discredit theradical left."

Riebling, 89.

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