26 July Lucifer

ONE THING THAT BOTHERED ME: that black kid getting away. As much as it provoked reverential pleasure each time I beheld the orderliness by which ewe ess guv was capable of processing its own sons for slaughter, when one got away who by all accounts was in need of snuffing out--like that spastic, conscientious brother from South Berkeley--my heart of cooled magma dropped. No hundreds of thousands of exceptional specimens, offered up on the draft altar to the gnashing jaws of war, could lift it in its igneous heaviness . . . all because of the infinitesimal exceptionalness of one who got away.

He might have gone the way of the geese at winter's end; gone off to gookville, like a good ram, for his feedbag of shrapnel; or even gotten political (ewe!) and burned his ticket--getting, for his fifteen seconds of street theater, an express transfer to Port Penitentiary, where draft-dodge martyrs embark on a restful, three-year tour. Whatever route he would have taken, he would have been out of the way! As it turned out, in spite of my considerable connections in the upper echelons of random drawings and luckless lotteries, his number didn't come up.

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