November 5 Ali

STICKERS ON THE BEAKERS in read LSD and BZT. Don't get 'em confused, boy! Or KABOOM! . . . a bomb inside.

Where would this plan be if it weren't for the guys in the white coats? It took a little white lie to make the bitter pills orange. . . . "But it's going to get mixed up with Sunshine, Stark. That's bad."

"Ah, but that's the point . . . I have a contact who's going to get the stuff confiscated in a bust. It'll send investigators way off track. Probably even blow the minds of a few CIA higher-ups." I had to convince them it's for the feds--all these pseudo-hippies have gotten it into their heads we're on an anti-establishment crusade. They don't even know their own lab is sourced by the same bad guys they fancy they'll rattle with the order I put in. The oldest trick not in the book: tell X that Y sent you, Y that X, at the same time. This shit is going straight into the gullets of the so-called good guys, really just a bunch of naive ingrates.

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