Occurring to St. Puke

Chapter 1: Apology, The Birth of Keef the Guitarist Foretold, The Beef of Jaeger Foretold, Eva visits Doris, Eva's Pong, The Burp of Keef the Guitarist, Bert's Pong

Chapter 2: The Beef of Jaeger, The Hep Pervs and the Anus Gel, Jaeger Resented for a Pimple, The Boy Jaeger at the Pimple

Chapter 3: Keef the Guitarist Prepares the Way, The Lapteasing and Genealogy of Jaeger

Chapter 4: The Pimpation of Jaeger, Jaeger Rejected at London, Keef Drives Out a Trad-jazz Riff, Keef Feels Horny

Chapter 5: The Clogging of the First Musicians, The Man with Eczema, Bryan Steals from the Fat Pathetic, Jaeger Questioned about Feasting

Chapter 6: Lard of the Saturday, The Twelve, a Posse, Blisters and Blows, Glove Your Enemas, Fudging Others, A Spwee and its Poots, The Wise and Foolish Buggerers

Chapter 7: The Face of a Sartori Slum, Jaeger Raises a Boho's Sum, Jaeger and Jon the Beatle

Chapter 8: The Parable of the Sore, A Bramp! on a Rablestick, Jaeger's Alma Mater and Frat Brothers, Jaeger Clams the Strum, The Hiring of a Deal-professed Manager, A Dead Gig and a Sick Buisness

Chapter 9: Jaeger Sends out the Posse, Jaeger Feels the Five Thousand, Bryan's Concession of Crier, The Trans-flatulation, The Reeling of a Ploy with a Rival Spirit, Who Will Pee the Straighest?, American Constipation, The Lust of Flowing Jaeger

Chapter 10: Jaeger Sucked Off by Seventy-two, The Variable of a Good Soundman, At the Hem of Ronny and Estylle

Chapter 11: Jaeger's Teaching on Sprayer, Keef in Glasgow, The Shine of Jones, The Bramp! of the Body, Six Whoas!

Chapter 12: Whorings and Perversions, The Flare of Bull of the Bitch Tool, Poo Not Furry, Crotchfulness, Not Piss but Perversion, Engirdling the Mimes

Chapter 13: Relent and Flourish, A Crumpled Man Heated on the Saturday, The Pair of Bulls of the Ergot Seed and the Kool-Aid, The Narrow Door, Jaeger's Lather for England

Chapter 14: Jaeger at a Fairy's House, The Flare of Bull of the Great Bong Hit, The Dross of Being a Despicable

Chapter 15: The Flare of Bulls of the Lustship, The Flare of Bull of the Lusty Loin, The Flair of Bull of the Lusty Hons

Chapter 16: The Flair of Bull of the Shrewd Manager, The Bitch Man and Oldham

Chapter 17: Skin, Wraith, Doodie; Ten Feeled of Tripocity; The Coming of the Linghams

Chapter 18: The Flare of Bull of the Pestilent Willow , The Flare of Bull of the Pub Musician, The Little Vials and Jaeger, The Butch Tooler, Jaeger Again Surfeits His Breath, A Vined Gigger Relieves in His Tight

Chapter 19: Achmed the Hash-Maker, TheFlare of Bull of the 10 Perverts, The Triumphal Entry, Jaeger at thePimple

Chapter 20: The Sorority of JaegerPestered, The Flare of Bull of the Fuzz Band Man, Playing Asses to Liz'r,The Red Erection and Mar-age, Whose Gun is the Crier?

Chapter 21: The Wetter's Offal, Hinds ofthe End of the Ache

Chapter 22: Taylyr Agrees to Betray Bryan,The Ass Shtupper, Bryan Plays on the Mound of Offal, Bryan Molested, KeefDisrobes Bryan, The Sodders Muck Bryan, Bryan Before the Gelders of thePimpers

Chapter 23: Bryan Before Ahmet and Edward,The Crotchifiction, Bryan's Girth

Chapter 24: The Red Erection, On the Road to Enemas, Jaeger Arrears to the Despicables, The Ass-engine

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